Trends in Geriatric Healthcare

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Trends in Geriatric Healthcare

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Table of Content: Volume 3, Issue 1

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Commentary Pages 55-56

Optimising Geriatric Care in the COVID Era

Authors: Senthil Meenrajan, MD and Dianne Goede, MD

Abstract: A combination of complex physical, cognitive, functional and social issues in the geriatric patient make evaluation and management uniquely challenging. Undoubtably, the COVID 19 pandemic has complicated the medical care of the geriatric patient even further. Physicians are challenged to safely meet the unique needs of this patient population while also ensuring they best mitigate the risk of COVID-19 exposure and infection. Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic the geriatric patient faced a number of unique problems. Younger adults typically visit their primary care physician (PCP) annually and for acute medical problems as they have relatively few chronic medical illnesses.

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Research Article Pages 49-54

Prediction of Mortality and Clinical Decisions Using Frailty Scores in Hospitalized Elderly with Covid-19

Authors: Jorg MP Franssen, MD, Robert M Kwee, MD, PhD, Martijn D de Kruif, MD, PhD, Yvette AW Sipers, Msc, Pathman Pasupathy, MD, Frederik Plum, MD and Walther MWH Sipers, MD, PhD

Abstract: Many decisions in clinical care in elderly patients admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 are based upon mortality risk. Screening for frailty is recommended, however its predictive value in hospitalized older adults with COVID-19 infection is unknown.

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