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Table of Content: Volume 3, Issue 1

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Research Article Pages 99-106

One-Compartment Soil Water Model for Forestlands in Water-Limited Regions

Authors: Saike Liu, Zhongsheng Guo and Mancai Guo

Abstract: Understanding the vertical distribution dynamics of soil moisture is essential for estimating soil water resources, controlling soil degradation and regulating the relationship between soil water and plant growth in water-limited regions. There have been a few studies of the vertical change of soil moisture in forestlands, but there are few models that can suitably describe the vertical change of soil moisture under different conditions.

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Original Article Pages 91-98

Checklist and Ethnobotanical Knowledge of Timber Species in Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Authors: Kayode J, Ihinmikaiye SO, Arowosegbe Sunday and Oyedeji Ayodele

Abstract: An appraisal of the ethnobotanical knowledge of the timber species in Bayelsa State, Nigeria, was carried out with the aid of a semi structured questionnaire guide. Five communities were selected from each of the eight Local Government Areas of the state, making a total of 40 communities used for the study. Ten respondents were randomly selected from each of the community, thus constituting 400 respondents in all, and were interviewed with the questionnaire guide.

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