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Review Article Pages 84-90

Colophospermum Mopane Leaf Production and Phenology in Southern Africa's Savanna Ecosystem - A Review

Authors: Rudzani A Makhado, Martin J Potgieter and Wilmien J Luus-Powell

Abstract: colophospermum mopane, commonly known as mopane, is a dominant tree or shrub in the mopane woodland. It is widely distributed in the low-lying areas of southern Africa's savanna. Despite its wide distribution, ability to survive water stress conditions, and value as a source of browse for herbivores, especially during the dry season, there is limited knowledge on mopane leaf production and phenology as well as its implications to browsers. This knowledge gap is making it difficult for game ranchers and conservationists to fully understand the availability and quality of mopane browse in different seasons.

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Review Article Pages 67-83

Soils at the Altitudinal and Northern Treeline: European Alps, Northern Europe, Rocky Mountains - A Review

Authors: Friedrich-Karl Holtmeier and Gabriele Broll

Abstract: No treeline-specific soil types exist. The treeline ecotone is usually characterized by a mosaic of soil types closely related to the locally varying conditions. Microtopography and the patchiness of the plant cover play an important role in this respect. Most soils in the treeline are shallow, and rich in skeletal material. Freeze-thaw processes are important agents for pedogenesis. Natural disturbances such as landslides, avalanches and fire affect soil development in the treeline ecotone.

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