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Review Article Pages 12-15

Oseen’s Correction to Stokes Drag in the Perspective of Newtonian and Micro-polar Fluid: A Technical Note

Authors: Deepak Kumar Srivastava

Abstract: The theory of low Reynolds number hydrodynamics has great importance in the study of Geophysical flow and Physiological flow. In low Reynolds number hydrodynamics, the mathematicians, engineers and physicists are always interested in knowing the correct value of drag experienced by particle moving uniformly through the infinite fluid. In eighteenth century, it was George Gabriel Stokes (1851) who gave an idea popularly known as Stokes approximation to obtain the drag on moving sphere by neglecting the fluid inertia in the vicinity of the particle. Later on, this drag formula is known as Stokes law. In nineteenth century, Oseen (1927) gave an idea of Oseen’s approximation by considering the effect of fluid inertia in the vicinity of particle neglected by Stokes earlier. In Oseen’s expression of drag, the first order term of size (3/8) Re, Re is Reynolds number, is also present. The complete form expression of Oseen’s drag on sphere is

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