Advances in Environmental Studies

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  Dr. James Harold Clarke
  Vanderbilt University, USA

Advances in Environmental Studies

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Table of Content: Volume 3, Issue 1

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Research Article Pages 229-251

How Droughts Influence Earthquakes

Authors: Diandong Ren and Rong Fu

Abstract: Earthquakes result from strain build-up from without and weakening from within faults. A generic co-seismic condition is presented that includes just three angles representing, respectively, fault geometry, fault strength, and the ratio of fault coupling to lithostatic loading. Correspondingly, gravity fluctuations, bridging effects, and granular material production/distribution form an earthquake triad. As a dynamic constituent of the gravity field, groundwater fluctuation is the nexus between the triad components.

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Research Article Pages 216-228

Biosynthesis, Extraction and Characterization of Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPSs) from Aspergillus clavatus

Authors: Shimaa S Hussien

Abstract: Six fungal strains were isolated from El-Sella ore material (Fusarium solani, Penicillium purpurogenum, Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus clavatus, Cladosporium herbarum and Epicoccum nigrum), and screened for exopolysaccharides (EPSs) production. In this study, the most promising fungus producing exopolysaccharides (EPSs) was A. clavatus which was identified according to microscopic morphological feature.

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Research Article Pages 209-215

Substance Abuse among Middle Eastern Immigrants and Refugees in Greater Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

Authors: Hikmet J Jamil, MD, PhD, Ayesha Niazy, MD, Mada H Jamil, MD, MPH and Salman Rawaf, MD, PhD

Abstract: Substance usage is a prevailing endemic around the globe. It has a global effect on the economic and social aspects of society, making it crucial to assess risk factors and prevalence. However, a large number of immigrants and refugees who came to the U.S., have come from Middle Eastern countries in conflict with consequent psychiatric disorders like depression and stress.

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Review Article Pages 198-208

Sustainability and the European Waste Management Industry

Authors: Peter Jones and Daphne Comfort

Abstract: Waste raises a range of environmental problems within Europe and sustainability has become an increasingly important challenge for the waste management industry. The aim of this paper is to offer an exploratory review of the approaches to sustainability within the European waste management industry. The paper begins with brief outlines of waste and the waste management industry in Europe and the growing interest in sustainability reporting.

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Review Article Pages 191-197

Using Plant Functional Groups as a Strategy for Modeling Carbon Dynamics in Grassland Ecosystems

Authors: Deirdre Rogers, Bailey Setzler and Yi-Wen Chiu

Abstract: Carbon sequestration is paramount to help reduce climate change globally, and grasslands, representing 40% of all terrestrial area, can serve as primary locations of sequestration if optimal management strategies can be realized. Currently, the majority of research occurs in the field, which can take years to find what an optimal carbon sequestration strategy looks like, but modeling ecosystems offers an opportunity of realize long term management strategies for a particular locations.

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Research Article Pages 179-190

Study on Leaching and Biosorption Processes of some Economic Metals using Escherichia coli from Laterite Ore, Sinia, Egypt

Authors: Shimaa S Hussien, Osman A Desouky and Said E Mohamady

Abstract: The potentiality of Escherichia coli dead biomass for biosorption of rare earth elements (REEs) and uranium (VI) from chloride leach liquor of laterite ore was evaluated. The effects of different acid, different concentration of hydrochloric acid, contact time, solid/liquid phase ratio and temperature on leaching efficiency of laterite ore were investigated. The optimum leaching conditions were 2M acid with a Solid/Liquid ratio of 1/20 at 90 ℃ for 4 h and using an ore grain size of -60 mesh.

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Review Article Pages 164-178

The EU 2030 Renewable Energy Vision - Can it be more Ambitious?

Authors: Barbara Breitschopf and Jenny Winkler

Abstract: Setting a renewable energy (RE) target necessitates a comprehensive assessment of its impacts on the energy system and at the macroeconomic level in the European Union (EU). The decision of the EU about the renewable energy target is based on such impact assessments. We postulate that the EU could be more ambitious with respect to the RE target without endangering economic growth in the EU. We review fifteen impact assessment studies of the EU's energy transition in this paper.

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Research Article Pages 141-163

Earth Diseases, Exploding Stars & Sea Ice Footprints - Part One

Authors: William Sokeland

Abstract: The Supernova and Nova Impact Theory, SNIT, has purposed that pandemic diseases occur on Earth due to exploding star debris streams impacting our planet. A number of cases involving this phenomenon have been mentioned in papers by the author on internet. New information concerning the SNIT has become available as new papers were published. The new information is used in these results involving average velocity of debris streams between exploding star remnants and Earth. The locations of sea ice melts at both poles versus month and nova or supernova maximum hotspots have been analyzed for nova WZ Sagittae. Proof of changing WZ Sagittae average Alaskan temperatures verify SNIT model.

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Review Article Pages 132-140

Business Contributions to Sustainable Development: A Study of Leading US Retailers

Authors: Peter Jones and Daphne Comfort

Abstract: There is an increasing recognition of the role businesses can play in contributing to the transition to a more sustainable future and a growing number of large companies have developed corporate sustainability strategies and policies designed to manage their environmental, social and economic impacts. That said, primary research into how companies are addressing and contributing to sustainable development faces a number of a number of challenges.

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