Advances in Environmental Studies

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  Dr. James Harold Clarke
  Vanderbilt University, USA

Advances in Environmental Studies

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Table of Content: Volume 2, Issue 2

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Research Article Pages 122-131

Analysis of Multiple Factors of Forest Cover Change in a Peri-urban District in Ghana

Authors: Divine O Appiah, Gabriel Eshun and Sparkler B Samar

Abstract: The objective of the paper is to model forest cover change (FCC) from perceived land use and land cover changes in the Bosomtwe district of the Ashanti region, Ghana. Questionnaire and interviews were administered and conducted among 270 proportionately sampled respondents respectively, from 14 communities, on the basis of their respective populations. The quantitative data was analyzed using inferential and descriptive statistical tools in SPSS v.16.

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Review Article Pages 116-121

Contested Fracking Environments: What's the Stories?

Authors: Peter Jones and Daphne Comfort

Abstract: Within the UK there are several areas, including sizeable parts of north-west, central and eastern England, smaller parts of south and north east England, central Scotland and Northern Ireland, which have the potential to produce shale gas. Shale gas is produced by hydraulically fracturing shales, a process popularly known as fracking, which releases the gas and allows it to flow. This process typically involves drilling a borehole down into the earth and then using a mixture of water and chemicals, pumped at high pressure into the shale, to open up narrow fractures, which in turn creates paths for the gas to flow into the borehole and hence back to the surface.

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Original Article Pages 108-115

Safe Spaces for Women to be Physically Active in Greater Noida City, India

Authors: Neha J Pagidipati, Prasad Pathak, Shayna M Clancy, Gatha Sharma and Truls Ostbye

Abstract: Women in urban India have low levels of physical activity, and the lack of safe spaces to be physically active is likely an important factor. The objectives were to develop a spatial database of areas and facilities in order to assess conduciveness to physical activity in Greater Noida, to assess the safety and usability of roadways and community parks in this area.

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Research Article Pages 98-107

Development of New Material Based on Polyvinyl Alcohol/Palm Kernel Shell Powder Biocomposites

Authors: Nur Fazreen Alias, Hanafi Ismail, Mohamad Kahar Ab Wahab, Santiagoo Ragunathan, Hosta Ardhyananta and Sam Sung Ting

Abstract: New biocomposite films from Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)/Palm kernel shell powder (PKSP) were prepared by solution casting method. The effect of PKSP addition on the film was studied based on the tensile properties, physical properties and biodegradability. From tensile test, it was found that the tensile properties decreased with the increasing PKSP loading in the composition.

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Assessment of 'Bacterial (Acidic)-Leaching' of Rare Earth Elements from a Phosphate Ore

Authors: S Hussien, P Patra, P Somasundaran and H El Shall

Abstract: Bioleaching methods are environmentally benign and economical options for extraction of rare earth elements (REEs) from low grade REE ores. We conducted shake-flask and column bio-leaching (Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans) studies with a low grade phosphate ore constituting REEs, fluorapatite, and silicates.

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Research Article Pages 82-90

Genotoxic Evidences of Glyphosate and Chlorpyriphos on Eisenia fetida Coelomocytes

Authors: Silvana Patricia Curieses, Maria Elena Saenz, Jose Luis Alberdi, Santiago Martinez, Marcelo L Larramendy and Walter Di Marzio

Abstract: The widely use of pesticides in modern agricultural enables increased crop yields. However, pesticides residues can contaminate agricultural and adjacent lands and become an ecotoxicological threat to non-target organisms, included humans.

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Research Article Pages 74-81

Cyto and Genotoxicity of Positive and Negative Coated Silica Nanoparticles on Celomocytes of Earthworms Eisenia fetida (Oligochaeta, Annelida)

Authors: Di Marzio WD, Curieses S, Scodeller P, Alberdi JL and Saenz ME

Abstract: To understand and assess the effects of nanoparticles (NPs) on the environment, should be well established quantitatively the concentration-response relationships. Also relate the potential effects on selected variables of response with the exposure to sub-lethal levels of NPs. In this work, we describe the ecotoxicological evaluation of negative and positive coated silica NPs (Si-Nps) on coelomic cells from Eisenia fetida.

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