Advances in Environmental Studies

 ISSN: 2642-4231


  Dr. James Harold Clarke
  Vanderbilt University, USA

Advances in Environmental Studies

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Table of Content: Volume 2, Issue 1

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Editorial Article Pages 71-73

A Systems Approach to Near Surface Disposal Facility Design

Authors: Joseph H Rustick and James H Clarke

Abstract: A fundamental near-surface disposal challenge is the development and use of a risk-informed and performance-based decision tool that incorporates the impacts of waste, waste form and waste container-specific, facility design-specific and facility location-specific factors into the overall assessment of anticipated facility performance. This decision-making tool must have the ability to assess the influence of each disposal facility component on overall performance for specific wastes and disposal site environments.

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Research Article Pages 61-70

An Overview of the Effects of Heavy Metals Content in Wastewater on Anammox Bacteria

Authors: Cherh Yih Mak, Jih-Gaw Lin and Mohammed JK Bashir

Abstract: The application of Anammox process in treating nitrogen rich wastewater had been more preferable since the discovery of Anammox process and Anammox bacteria at 1999 due to the advantages of energy saving and cost reduction compared to the conventional nitrification/denitrificationi process. However, often nitrogen-laden wastewater such as metal refinary wastewater, swine, industrial wastewater, and landfill leachate contain various concentrations of heavy metal ions such as Cadmium, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Zinc, Silver and Ferrous iron.

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Review Article Pages 54-60

Revised and Updated Systematic Inventory of Non-Marine Molluscs Occurring in the State of Santa Catarina/SC, Central Southern Brazil Region

Authors: A Ignacio Agudo-Padron

Abstract: Based on the last list of non-marine molluscs from Santa Catarina state, published in 2014, the current inventory of continental molluscs (terrestrial and freshwater) occurring in the State of Santa Catarina/SC is finally consolidated, with a verified/confirmed registry of 232 species and subspecies, sustained product of complete 22 years of systematic field researches,

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Research Article Pages 42-53

Environmental Art and Environmental Beliefs: The Case of Plastic Bag Pollution in Oceans

Authors: Robert W Turner

Abstract: This paper reports the results of two experiments exploring the impact of exposure to environmental art on environmental beliefs, using images of plastic bag pollution in oceans. Even though the experimental design investigates only the immediate impact of a brief exposure to artistic images, the design controls well for other factors that might influence changes in environmental beliefs.

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