Advances in Animal Biotechnology

Advances in Animal Biotechnology

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Table of Content: Volume 1, Issue 1

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Trophinin Expression and Regulation in the Porcine Uterus and Embryo during the Time of Embryo Implantation

Authors: KS Jackson, MN Fukuda, RA Nowak and MB Wheeler

Abstract: Trophinin is an intrinsic membrane-bound protein that mediates homophilic cell adhesion by interacting with two cytoplasmic proteins, tastin and bystin. Trophinin is expressed in the uterus and embryos of primates, humans, and mice. The goals of our study were; 1) To determine whether the porcine uterus and embryo express trophinin transcripts and protein and 2) To determine whether ovarian steroids regulate uterine trophinin expression. Uterine tissue from

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