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  Dr. Ephraim Suhir
  Portland State University, USA

Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

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Table of Content: Volume 6, Issue 1

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Research Article Pages 588-595

A Preliminary Investigation of Copter Drone Detection by using Forward Scattering Radar

Authors: Surajo Alhaji Musa, Sa'idu Adamu Abubakar, Saad Hayatu Girei and Abdelmajid Husam Hussein Habush

Abstract: A global security challenge from the civilian drone usage became alarming. The drone operational flexibility and its inexpensive make its usage on the increase, thus, causing a distressful situation. The vulnerability posed by the exponential increase of the drone gave a reason for its detection.

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Research Article Pages 555-587

Mathematical Modelling and Comparative Numerical Simulations of Swing-Fuselage Junction Vortex Structures

Authors: S Adamidis and NC Markatos

Abstract: Turbulence and flow disturbances occurring at the aircraft wing-fuselage junction cause a deterioration of its aerodynamic performance and an increase in the aircraft's drag force. However, the aircraft junction regions are currently designed empirically due to the lack of knowledge of detailed junction flow dynamics, which consequently leads to less efficient flow management and poorer aerodynamic characteristics.

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Research Article Pages 524-554

Effects of Surface-Parallel Edge Restraints and Inter-laminar Shear on the Responses of Doubly Curved General Cross-Ply Panels

Authors: Reaz Chaudhuri A and Sinan Oktem A

Abstract: This study presents first a relatively lesser studied topic of the role played by surface-parallel restraints in determining the response of simply supported thick to thin doubly curved cross-ply panels of rectangular plan-form, modeled using a third order shear deformation theory, quantified by way of the difference between full and absent surface-parallel edge restraints.

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Research Article Pages 511-523

Research on Drag Reduction Characteristics of Wind Turbine Airfoil Surface Microstructure

Authors: Minghui Zhang, Haijuan Shi, Guangzhong Wang and Yan-an Yao

Abstract: The objective of this work is to investigate the effect of the bionic microstructure surface on DU21 aerofoil. The motivation behind this study is to investigate the effect of the bionic microstructure parameters including the location, interval between two microstructures, groove sizes of microstructure under different working conditions in order to improve the

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Research Article Pages 503-510

Helicopter Tail Rotor and the Training of a Recurrent Neural Network

Authors: S Castillo-Rivera

Abstract: This work presents the training of a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) for the identification of dynamics behaviour in aeronautical systems. The network is used to model flap motion on the tail rotor at determined dynamics conditions. The study the tail rotor performance agrees with the expected outcomes. The modelling is not a straightforward task and the dynamics observed in the rotor display that the model could be a suitable tool for monitoring performance under certain conditions.

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Research Article Pages 499-502

Predicted Low-Cycle-Fatigue Lifetime of Solder Joint Interconnections: Application of Hall's Approach and Boltzmann-Arrhenius-Zhurkov (Baz) Model

Authors: E. Suhir

Abstract: A predictive model is suggested for the evaluation of the low-cycle-fatigue lifetime of a solder joint interconnection in an avionic IC package subjected to temperature cycling and experiencing low cycle fatigue conditions. The model is based on two significant findings in the field of electronic materials reliability. The first one is Hall’s plastic strain energy approach

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Research Article Pages 472-498

Cylindrical Panel Like Response of Fully Surface Parallel Restrained Simply Supported Hyperbolic Paraboloidal Thick General Cross-ply Panels

Authors: Reaz Chaudhuri A and Sinan Oktem A

Abstract: An analytical (exact in the limit) solution to the boundary-value problem of deformation of a finite-dimensional general cross-ply thick hyperbolic-paraboloidal panel, modeled using a third order shear deformation theory, is presented. Of special interest is the issue of cylindrical panel-like response, in the presence of full surface-parallel constraints at all four edges of a thick antisymmetric cross-ply panel of negative Gaussian curvature. Interaction of the membrane action

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Research Article Pages 458-471

Numerical and Experimental Study of Liquid Cryogenic Jet around a Space Plane and Its Ignition Risk

Authors: J Dougal, P Gillard, M William-Louis, T Abensur, JP Dutheil and Y Boue

Abstract: Ariane Group is currently developing space vehicles using new LOx/LCH4 propulsion technology. Venting or draining out methane from the tanks in flight at various altitudes concerns the safety management. This paper is focusing on the modeling of liquid methane draining around a moving space plane. A cryogenic round jet in an air crossflow has to be considered. However, the computational cost for a vaporizing liquid jet model is too high with respect to the

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