Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

 ISSN: 2578-6350


  Dr. Ephraim Suhir
  Portland State University, USA

Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

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Table of Content: Volume 4, Issue 2

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Review Article Pages 218-252

The Outcome of an Engineering Undertaking of Importance Must be Quantified to Assure its Success and Safety: Review

Authors: E Suhir

Abstract: The outcome a of crucial engineering undertaking must be quantified at the design/planning stage to assure its success and safety, and since the probability of an operational failure is, in effect, never zero, such a quantification should be done on the probabilistic basis. Some recently published work on the probabilistic predictive modeling (PPM) and probabilistic design for reliability (PDfR) of aerospace electronic and photonic

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Review Article Pages 211-217

Mass Loss of a Polymeric Composite under Action of Space Radiations

Authors: Rashid H Khasanshin and Meleshko Valentina

Abstract: The effect of electron, proton and electromagnetic radiations on mass loss of EKOM-1 polymeric composite was studied. Irradiation was made by 40-keV electrons and protons and electromagnetic radiation in vacuum chamber of the UV- 1/2 test facility.

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