Table 2: Non-screening questions (N = 99).

Yes No
Do you feel like you are eating enough to support your training for your sport? 72.7% 27.3%
Have you ever heard of the female athlete triad? 28.3% 71.7%
Can you name the three components of the Triad-
Low energy/DE 19.2% 80.8%
Menstrual Dysfunction/Amenorrhea 12.1% 87.9%
Osteoporosis/low BMD 13.1% 86.9%
Name all three components of the Triad? 8.1% 91.9%
Name only two components of the Triad? 8.1% 91.9%
Name only one component of the Triad? 3% 97%
Does have a low body fat% mean that you will perform better in your sport? 37.4% 62.6%
Is it bad to skip your period? 58.6% 41.4%
Do you feel like you can talk to your trainers or coaches about eating or menstrual problems? 71.7% 28.3%
Have you heard teammates talking about missing their period? 50.5% 49.5%
Have you heard teammates talk about dieting? 60.6% 39.4%
Do you eat breakfast? 86.9% 13.1%
Do you ever skip meals because you are busy or because they are too close to practice? 76.8% 23.2%
Do you feel starving when you get home from practice? 67.7% 32.3%
Have you ever had a nutrition class? 49.5% 50.5%
Would you like to change your diet in any way? 79.8% 20.2%