Table 1: Salt concentrations and electrochemical properties in soil solution (saturation extracts) from a defunct LABR site. The proportions of samples exceeding recommended values are presented in brackets.

Variable Recommended Value in soil Variable Recommended Value in soil (mg L-1)
pH 6.5-7.0 6.0-9.4(68%)a Mg2+ See PAR and SAR 0-119
EC (dS m-1) < 4 0.3-65.3(56%)a Cl- < 10 mg L-1 44.3-8.050(47%)a
ORP (mV) - 212-374 CO32- - 0-552
PO43- (mg L-1) - 4.1-7.2 HCO3- - 0-420
SO42- (mg L-1) 57 88-47.130(100%)a Na+ SAR < 12 74-33.101(94%)b
Ca2+ (mg L-1) See PAR and SAR 1-178 K+ PAR = 6-8 2-256(100%)c

n = 34, terrain surface = 1024 m2.

EC: Electrical conductivity.

ORP: Oxidation reduction potential

SAR: Sodium adsorption ratio.

PAR: Potassium adsorption ratio.

aPercentage of samples above the average in soil solution according to normal values presented by Marschner and Rengel [24].

bPercentage of samples above the maximum recommended SAR value [31].

cPercentage of samples outside the recommended PAR value [25].