Table 1: Hemlock alkaloids reported from Aloe [10-12].

Species Alkaloids
A. ballyii Reynolds γ-coniceine, conhydrinone
A. deltoideodonta Baker γ-coniceine, a trace of pseudoconhydrine
A. descoingsii Reynolds Coniine, conhydrine
A. gariepensis Pillans γ-coniceine, conhydrine
A. globuligemma Pole Evans Coniine, conhydrine
A. gracilicaulis Reynolds & P.R.O. Bally γ-coniceine
A. ibitiensis Perrier γ-coniceine
A. krapholiana Marloth Coniine, conhydrine
A. ortholopha Christian & Milne-Redh Coniine, conhydrine
A. ruspoliana Baker γ-coniceine
A. sabaea Schweinf. (syn. A. gillilandii Reynolds) γ-coniceine, coniine, N,N-dimethylconiine
A. viguieri Perrier Coniine, a trace of γ-coniceine