Table 4: Gustillo III gunshot fractures.

Author/Journal Population/anatomical Segment Methods of fixation Results
Dar [23]/Ulus Trauma acil Cerrahi Derg 2009 War fractures by firearms External Fixation 0% malunion
Olasinde [24]/South African Orthop Journal 2012 Civilian/Inferior extremities fractures Delayed Intramedullary Fixation and bone grafting 15.2% infection
Dubravko [25]/J Trauma 1994 Military/Extremities Fractures External Fixation 7.7% osteomyelitis 35% tract pins infection
Kaguru [26]/East and Central African Journal of Surgery 2004 Military/War extremities fractures External Fixation 3.2% psudoarthrosis; 16.1% osteitis; 1% tetanus.
Dahabra [27]/J Trauma 1994 Military/Extremities fractures External Fixation 23% wound infection; 10% pin tract infection
Lerner [28]/Clin Orthop Relat Res 2006 Military/war lower limbs fractures Ilizarov External Fixation 90% good results
Possley [29]/J Trauma 2010 Military/Tibial fractures External Fixation 77% successful
Amaral [30] Orthop Rel Res 2003 Civilian/Forearm fractures External fixation (A) vs. cast (B) A - 57.1% Satisfactory; B - 58.3% satisfactory.
Nikolic [31] Injury 1999 Military/Subtrochanteric fractures External fixation (A) versus plaster of Paris (B) Complications overall: 65%; infection: 15%; malunion: 10%. A-65% (delayed healing and nonunion; B-86.7% (contractures)