Table 1: Gustillo classification for open fractures.

Gustillo and Anderson classification
Grade I Clean skin opening of < 1 cm, usually from inside to outside; minimal muscle contusion; simple transverse or short oblique fractures
Grade II Laceration > 1 cm long, with extensive soft tissue damage; minimal to moderate crushing component; simple transverse or short oblique fractures with minimal comminution.
Grade III Extensive soft tissue damage, including muscles, skin and neurovascular structures: Often a high energy injury with severe crushing component.
Grade IIIA Extensive soft tissue laceration, adequate bone coverage; segmental fractures, gunshot injuries, minimal periosteal stripping.
Grade IIIB Extensive soft tissue injury with periosteal stripping and bone exposure requiring soft tissue flap closure; usually associated with massive contamination
Grade IIIC Vascular injury requiring repair.