Table 4: Continuum of classifications and categories of women's birth satisfaction.

(1) Exceptional
(1a) Considerably better than planned by the mother.
(1b) Good management of planned and known special needs of mother/baby.
(2) Good
(2a) Goes according to plan with appropriate pain relief and no interventions/Planned interventions (e.g., planned Caesarian section)/Patient/family centered and supportive care provided.
(3) Satisfactory
(3a) Birth too quick/Birth progressed too quickly to follow plan, give appropriate pain relief, or to explain events, but situation recognized by maternity staff and parents.
(3b) Poor pain control/episodes of distress, but supportive patient-centered maternity staff.
(3c) Has complications, e.g., tear, episiotomy, ventouse, induced, section, distressed baby, mother distressed/Situation well managed and recognized by mother and maternity staff, with patient-centered supportive care provided.
(4) Unsatisfactory
(4a) Birth progressed quicker than staff anticipated/Mother/parents not listened too/Situation not recognized by maternity staff.
(4b) Situation, progression, complications/interventions not well managed by maternity staff creating distressed parents who feel unsupported/Pressure on maternity beds and not able to access labour ward in a timely fashion/Complications arising.