Table 2: Appendix: Guidelines statements.

LE GoR Statement
5) Surgical treatment
5.1.1 1 A Laparoscopic appendectomy should represent the first choice where laparoscopic equipment and skills are available,
since it offers clear advantages in terms of less pain, lower incidence of SSI, decreased LOS, earlier return to work and overall costs.
5.1.2 2 B Laparoscopy offers clear advantages and should be preferred in obese patients, older patients and patients with comorbidities.
5.1.3 2 B Laparoscopy is feasible and safe in young male patients although no clear advantages can be demonstrated in such patients.
5.1.4 1 B Laparoscopy should not be considered as a first choice over open appendectomy in pregnant patients.
5.1.5 1 A No major benefits have also been observed in laparoscopic appendectomy in children, but reduces hospital stay and overall morbidity.
5.1.6 3 B In experienced hands, laparoscopy is more beneficial and cost-effective than open surgery for complicated appendicitis.

Note: From Di Saverio, et al. [13].