Table 7: Pilot selection table.

No Title Database
1 A Hierarchical Fused Fuzzy Deep Neural Network for Data Classification IEEE
2 Changing Mobile Data Analysis through Deep Learning IEEE
3 Deep Learning Based Approach for Bearing Fault Diagnosis IEEE
4 Deep Learning for Consumer Devices and Services: Pushing the limits for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision. IEEE
5 How meta-heuristic algorithms contribute to deep learning in the hype of big data analytics SCOPUS
6 Improving deep neural network design with new text data representations SCOPUS
7 Learning Transportation Modes from Smartphone Sensors Based on Deep Neural Network Web of Science
8 A GPU deep learning metaheuristic based model for time series forecasting Web of Science
9 Prototyping a GPGPU Neural Network for Deep-Learning Big Data Analysis Web of Science
10 Deep Learning at Scale and at Ease ACM
11 Deep Learning for Mobile Multimedia: A Survey ACM
12 Machine learning on big data: Opportunities and challenges ScienceDirect
No Title Database
1 Stacked Extreme Learning Machines IEEE
2 4th International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking and Informatics, ICACNI 2016 SCOPUS
3 Constructing fine-granularity functional brain network atlases via deep convolutional autoencoder SCOPUS
4 InSTechAH: Cost-effectively autoscaling smart computing Hadoop cluster in private cloud SCOPUS
5 Big Data technologies: A survey ScienceDirect
6 Big data issues in smart grid - A review ScienceDirect
7 From machine learning to deep learning: Progress in machine intelligence for rational drug discovery ScienceDirect
8 Big Data sources and methods for social and economic analyses ScienceDirect
9 Smart servitization within the context of industrial user-supplier relationships: Contingencies according to a machine tool manufacturer Web of Science
10 A Small-Footprint Accelerator for Large-Scale Neural Networks ACM
11 Joint embeddings of shapes and images via CNN image purification ACM
12 Deep joint demosaicking and denoising ACM