Table 6: Data extraction form.

No Data Extraction Category Description Purpose
1 Identifier Identifier number (DOI)
2 Date Data extraction date
Study Description
1 Title The title of the study
2 Authors Name Name of the study authors
3 Country Country of the study publication (1st author)
4 Publication Year Publication year
5 Type Conference proceedings, journal article
6 Venue Name of the Conference or Journal
7 Author's Affiliations The affiliation of the authors (1st author)
Study Content
1 Objectives The objectives of the study
2 Method The method used to support the objectives RQ1
3 Algorithm The name of the algorithm used in the study RQ1
4 Dataset The name of the dataset used for validation RQ2
5 Size of Dataset How big the data set is RQ2
6 Future directions and trend Future directions, trends and application RQ3