Table 1: Epidemic control measures for COVID-19 [1-3].

Objective Epidemic control measures
Containing patients

• Viral Testing to identify COVID-19 cases among symptomatic suspected patients

• Isolation to sequester infected patients until their clinical samples become test negative

Containing silent spreaders

• Contact Tracing to identify people who have (suspected) contact with an infected person

• Quarantine to confine the contacts and people arriving from the epicenters

• Testing and Isolation to identify COVID-19 cases among the quarantined people

Protecting uninfected people

Personal level (to prevent exposure to the virus)

• Hand Hygiene (hand washing with soap and water or alcohol hand rub)

• Other hygienic practices (see Table 2)

Community/country level (to prevent human contacts and movements)

• Social Distancing (avoiding public places and proximity with others)

• Closure (schools, shops, workplaces)

• Mass Gathering Ban (sport, religious, and entertainment events)

• Lockdown (community containment at the epicenters)

• Travel Restriction/Ban (to and from the epicenters)

• Border Closure (countries or jurisdictions)