Table 3: Morphological characterization and identification of isolated fungi from common bean cultivars.

Fungi species Macro and Micro characteristics
Aspergillus spp Colony was fast growing and was yellow to dark on the surface and creamy yellow on the reverse side. Microscopically, the conidiophores bore phialides on their entire surface. Globose vesicles held on long conidiophores and smooth globose conidia.
Morphospecies ('Mycelia sterilia') Colony mycelia white both on the surface and reverse. Colony with invisible conidia/spores on stained septate mycelia. No fruiting bodies produced.
Fusarium spp. Colony fluffy, pink red on the surface and light pink on the reverse. Curved microconidia produced on simple, short phialides. Conidia had more than one cell.
Penicillium spp. Colonies appeared green on the surface and creamy on the reverse. Conidia were borne in unbranched chains, arising from bundles of cylindrical to bottle shaped, phialides closely arranged in a brush-like head.