Table 1: Comparison of resistance to Russian Wheat Aphid (RWA), yield (tons/ha), hectolitre mass (kg/hl), protein content, dough mixing time and loaf volume of different dry land wheat cultivars in South Africa.

Entry RWA damage Yield(tons/ha) Hectolitre mass(kg/hl) Protein content
(12% protein basis)
Mixing time (min) Loaf volume
(12% protein basis)
Witwol 2.50abc 0.96e 76.51d 14.30a 2.10fg 876.10a
Bolane 3.25ab 2.16cd 76.75cd 10.22e 2.50ef 680.00d
Makaloate 3.50a 1.73d 75.65e 12.35bc 1.65g 857.50ab
Elands 0.00d 3.14ab 80.30a 12.17bcd 3.45ab 811.20abc
Senqu 2.25abc 3.58a 79.93a 13.30ab 3.18bcd 828.80abc
Gariep 1.00cd 2.61bc 79.75a 12.50bc 3.38abc 863.80ab
PAN 3379 0.75cd 2.35cd 78.78b 11.20cde 2.73de 781.20bc
PAN 3161 1.50bcd 3.61a 77.28c 10.65de 3.78a 761.20cd
PAN 3118 3.50a 2.25cd 75.45e 11.92bcd 2.88cde 816.20abc
SST 387 1.75abcd 3.12ab 75.63e 11.90bcd 3.10bcd 801.20abc
LSD 1.91 0.6415 0.6947 1.559 0.5053 90.34

a, b, c, d, e, f, and g: Means within a column followed by the same lowercase letter are not significantly different (P < 0.0001).