Table 2: Percentages of healthy ranunculus plants after three and six months of cultivation on three different types of soil (pathogen-free, infected with F.o.r., infected with F.o.r. and monthly treated with Enovit metil®).

Ranunculus cultivar Type of soil
Pathogen-free Infected with F.o.r. Infected with F.o.r. + Enovit metil®*
3-month cultivation 6-month cultivation 3-month cultivation 6-month cultivation 3-month cultivation 6-month cultivation
Elegance Mycorrhiza colonized 93.2 aC** 90.4 aC 40.3 bB 22.1 bA 35.8 aB 23.7 aA
Not mycorrhizal 94.6 aC 93.6 aC 6.4 aA 1.2 aA 38.9 abB 32.4 bB
New white Mycorrhiza colonized 95.0 aC 94.8 aC 42.9 bB 22.0 bA 37.6 abB 36.0 bcB
Not mycorrhizal 96.8 aC 93.1 aC 5.7 aA 0.5 aA 41.8 bB 39.7 cB

*Plants grown on this soil were monthly sprayed with the systemic fungicide Enovit metil®* at the dose of 1 g.l-1 and 2 liters.squaremeter-1 to simulate the typical commercial management of the Ranunculus cultivation in the grower farms.
**Same letters in each row (capital letters) and in each column (low case letters) indicate that the compared data by row or by column do not differ statistically among them for P = 0.05 according to the Student-Newman-Keuls test. Data have been transformed in arcsin before the statistical analysis.