Table 1: The two classes used to divide the data set of the work. The classification was based on animal and vegetal product typology. The category, matrix and biostimulant actions were also reported. V: Vegetal Origin, A: Animal Origin.

Category Matrix Biostimulant actions N of samples Label Class
Animal products
Biostimulant/Suspension liquid organic-mineral fertilizer Hydrolyzed animal epithelium Resistance to abiotic stress, improvement of fertilizers effect 12 A1-12 A
Organic nitrogenous fertilizer Fleshing Strengthening plants and improvement of crop quality 2 A13-14 A
Specific action product/organic fertilizer Leather Quality of productions 3 A15-17 A
Total samples 17
Plant products
Specific action product Extract of alfalfa, seaweeds and molasses Uniform flowering, photosynthesis, fruit set and fruit growth, seed germination 7 V1-7 V
Biostimulant Hydrolyzed protein from alfalfa Development of roots, fruit quality, sugar content resistance to saline stress 1 V8 V
Fluid organic-mineral fertilizer Oil cake Development of roots 1 V9 V
Nitrogenous organic fertilizer Solid seaweeds extract Quality and quantity of the productions, endogenous plant defenses 1 V10 V
Suspension organic-mineral fertilizer/Organic nitrogenous fertilizer Fluid vinasse/dried wine vinasse/vinasse extracts Growth and fruiting of the plant, resistance to abiotic stress 5 V11-15 V
Fluid nitrogenous organic fertilizer Extract of yeast and brown algae Development of roots, blooming and fruit set 1 V16 V
Total samples 16