Table 1: Concentration of ΣDDT (ng/g), PP'DDT (ng/g) and PP'DDE (ng/g) in different fish species sampled from Lake Ziway, Ethiopia.

Fish species Mean Σ DDT (ng/g) PP' DDT (ng/g) PP' DDE (ng/g)
Oreochramis nilaoticus 30.30b 20.33a 9.97b
Ciprinus carpio 35.65a 20.38a 15.25a
Carassius carassius 27.05c 18.78b 8.31c
P-value < 0.0001 < 0.0001 < 0.0001

Values in the same column with different letters are significantly different by the Duncan's multiple range test (α = 0.05).