Table 3: Half inhibition concentration of heavy metals on Anammox bacteria.

Heavy Metal ions Half Inhibition Concentration, IC50 (mg/L) References
Cadmium, Cd2+ 11.2 Zhen Bi, et al. [27]
Copper, Cu2+ 1.9-30 Yang, et al.; Yang, et al. [9,39]
Lead, Pb2+ NT Li, et al. [55]
Mercury, Hg2+ 60.35 Zhen Bi, et al. [27]
Molybdate, MoO42+ NT Li, et al. [55]
Nickel, Ni2+ 48.6 Li, et al. [55]
Silver, Ag+ 11.52 Zhen Bi, et al. [27]
Zinc, Zn2+ 3.9-25 Achlesh, et al.; Li, et al. [37,55]
Fe (II), Fe2+ 55.6 (0.20 mM) Mak, et al. [36]

NT = was not toxic at the highest concentration tested (75 mg Pb/L and 23.8 mg Mo/L).