Table 3: Effect of polythene mulch on different yield contributing parameters and yield attribute of sunflower (Hellinathus annus L.).

Treatment Head diameter (cm) Seed per head Weight of 200 seeds (g) Seed yield (kg/ha) Straw yield Root fresh weight of (gm) P content of seed (%) P content of stover (%)
T1 15.1bc 1251f 14.8b 446e 1.9cd 256d 0.17cd 0.04cde
T2 13.0cd 1498d 12.9cd 416e 1.8d 159f 0.15e 0.05a
T3 14.5c 1692c 11.7d 505de 2.7c 195e 0.15de 0.04cd
T4 17.7ab 1922b 16.3a 2190c 7.5ab 355c 0.21b 0.04bc
T5 11.1d 789g 14.4bc 559d 2.1cd 160f 0.23a 0.03def
T6 18.6a 1924b 13.7bc 2428b 7.7ab 449a 0.13f 0.03f
T7 14.6d 1378e 13.3bcd 596d 1.7d 204e 0.18c 0.05b
T8 19.1a 2188a 13.6bc 2587a 8.3a 418b 0.12f 0.03ef
CV 10.5 3.8 6.6 4.9 10.3 3.6 2.5 8.1
SE (±) 0.94 35.1 0.52 34.9 0.15 5.8 0.002 0.002

Note: Different letters in a column indicates statistically significant different at 5% level by DMRT.