Table 2: Effects of polythene mulch and different irrigation water level treatments on different growth parameters of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.).

Treatment Survival percentage (%) Plant height at 70 DAS (cm) Plant height at harvest (cm) Number of leaf at 70 DAS Number of leaf at harvesting Petiol length (cm) Leaf lamina length (cm) Leaf lamina breath (cm) Stem diameter (cm) at harvest
T1 33.3c 36.5cd 92.2b 18.8b 25.2bc 12.7c 17.5cd 15.4bc 1.8bc
T2 36.7c 31.3d 92.8b 18.6b 25.5bc 12.9c 17.8cd 15.0c 1.7bc
T3 40.0bc 32.8d 93.6b 19.5b 24.7bc 14.5bc 20.1bc 17.9b 2.0b
T4 86.7a 89.4a 113.0a 25.9a 28.4ab 16.3ab 22.7ab 21.0a 2.3a
T5 50.0b 40.1cd 88.7b 21.2b 26.1bc 12.1c 16.8d 13.7c 1.6c
T6 86.7a 85.1a 113.5a 26.0a 30.1a 16.7ab 23.6a 21.2a 2.4a
T7 30.0c 45.1c 94.4b 22.1b 24.0c 13.4c 19.9c 16.1bc 1.9b
T8 90.0a 73.2b 107.3a 26.9a 28.4ab 17.4a 23.7a 21.3a 2.4a
CV 11.8 9.4 4.7 8.2 7.2 9.2 7.6 8.4 8.4
SE (±) 3.8 2.9 2.7 1.2 1.1 0.77 10.9 0.86 0.10

Note: Different letters in a column indicates statistically significant different at 5% level by DMRT.