Table 5: Relationships between emotional characteristics of the profoundly gifted and emotional overexcitability (OE) in combination with other forms of overexcitabilities and dynamisms.

Emotional characteristics of highly-profoundly gifted

Emotional overexcitability in a combination with other forms of OE

Emotional sensitivity and intensity

Emotional overexcitability

  • Discernment
  • Aesthetic
  • Sensitivity to other
  • Level III: Emotional OE combined with intellectual OE
  • Level IV: Emotional OE combined with sensual OE
  • Level III & IV level dynamism: Empathy
  • Acute and profound awareness


  • Level III dynamism: Feeling of inferiority toward oneself
  • Level IV dynamisms: Self-awareness, self-control
  • Strong sense of right and wrong
  • An internal guide from within
  • Level III dynamism: Positive maladjustment
  • Level IV dynamism: Third factor
  • Multifaceted, accelerated, and asynchronous emotional development


  • Level III dynamisms: Astonishment with oneself, disquietude with oneself, dissatisfaction with oneself (chaotic state)
  • Introversion
  • Level III dynamisms as above and
  • Level IV dynamisms: Subject-object in oneself, self-awareness, inner psychic transformation, self control