Table 4: The levels of overexcitabilities (OEs; Dabrowski, 1996 [77]).


Sensual OE

Psychomotor OE

Imaginational OE

Intellectual OE

Emotional OE


·     Never appears in isolation from other forms of OE

·     Esthetic sensitivity to the beauty of nature and art

·     Adds warmth and cordiality in expressing empathy


·     By cooperating with other OE gives them “executive power”

·     Provides dynamics and energy for decisions and actions

·     Increased responsibility and punctuality


·     By Linking with other forms of OE plays a role in conscious development of personality

·     Engagement in the realization of transcendental needs

·     Merges with the need for mystical experiences

·     By a close linkage with other forms of OE gives rise to creative intelligence

·     Extensive, universal & multilevel intellectual interest

·     Inclinations toward synthesis

·     The desire to be objective in understanding of the hierarchy of values

·     In association with other forms of OE gives rise to higher consciousness

Gives rise to

·     Profound & deep empathy

·     Depth and exclusivity of relationships of love and friendship

·     Elevated consciousness


·     Strong linkage with emotional and imaginational OE

·     Establishes a hierarchy of sensual experience

·     Close linkage with emotional, imaginational & intellectual OE

·     Search for channels “upward”

·     Formation of decisiveness


·     Close linkage with emotional, and intellectual OE

·     Differentiation of imagination and creativity

·     A growing sense of humor


·     Intensifies the activity of all dynamisms

·     Enhances awareness

·     Need for finding the meaning of knowledge and human experience

·     Intuitive intelligence

·     A union with intellectual and imaginational OE produces dynamisms

·     Growth of friendship and love

·     Increases empathy & self-awareness;


·     Short-lived astonishment or disquietude to sensuality

·     Ambivalence and ambitendencies

·     Intensifies reflexes (trembling of hands and feet, ticks)

·     Awkwardness of movement

·     Primitive suggestibility (magic, witchcraft)

·     Taste for fantasy and adventure stories

·     Frequent dreams and daydreaming

·     Lack of need to get into the meaning of knowledge

·     One-sided abilities

·     Approach & avoidance

·     High tension and depression

·     Weak forms of affective memory


·     Excessing kissing,

·     Excessing eating,


·     Laziness

·     Violent irritability and uncontrolled temper,

·     Impulse actions

·     Juvenile delinquency

·     Lack of perspective and retrospective thinking

·     Tendency to confabulate, lies, and acting

·     Skillfull manipulation of data and information

·     Intelligence rather than intellectual OE

·     Aggressiveness, irritability,

·     Lack of control,

·     Envy,

·     Need for attention