Table 3: Inactive compounds containing animal derivative and alpha-gal carbohydrate.

Inactive compounds Common perioperative drugs and materials containing inactive compounds
Gelatin* Acetaminophen tablet, celecoxib tablet, pregabalin tablet, gabapentin tablet, lidocaine patch, surgifoam
Glycerin Acetaminophen with codeine elixir, acetaminophen liquid, ibuprofen suspension, morphine solution
Lactic Acid Hydromorphone injection by Hospira
Magnesium Stearate Acetaminophen tablet, oxycontin tablet, diphenhydramine tablet, lisinopril tablet
Steric Acid Oxycodone tablet by Hospira, Mallinckrodt

*Gelatin contains bovine and/or porcine. There are few exceptions such as gelatin containing plant-based products; Stearate or steric acid is derived from bovine or plant sources.