Table 1: Profile of Alpha-gal Allergy.

Vectors [7-10] Amblyomma americanum also known as (aka) Lone star tick, Northeastern water tick, turkey tick in the eastern United States, and Mexico
Ixodes holocyclus aka Paralysis tick Australian species
Ixodes ricinus aka Castor bean tick European species
Other existing unknown vectors
Symptoms Anaphylaxis, angioedema, urticaria, gastrointestinal disturbance
Young age, suggestive of other unknown ways of sensitization
Diagnosis Assay measuring IgE specific to alpha-gal (Viracor-IBT Labs)
Skin test, Basophil activation test with cetuximab (more reliable) > meats
Treatment Delayed life-threatening symptoms: epinephrine, steroids, H-2 blockers
Cure None
Duration Unconfirmed recovery potential