Table 3: Features of the organic pollution of the sites monitored, 1995-1998.

Type of organic pollutant Site Year Type of sample
A. Homologous series
Polynuclear aromatic Bao shan, Site B 1995/96 Core sediment
Hydrocarbons Suzhou creek 1997 Core sediment
Wu song kou, Site C 1995/1996 Core sediment
Linear alkyl benzenes Bao shan, Site B 1995/1996 Core sediment, Surface sediment Vegetation
Dong hai nong Chang, Site E 1995 Surface sediment
B. Unique organic compounds
Hexachlorobenzene Bao shan, Site B 1995 Core sediment, 17-43 cm depth
Phenyl-β-naphthylamine Wu song kou, Site C 1995 Core sediment, Localised at 57 cm
Jiu duansha island 1998 Core sediment
N, N-diethylamide-3-methyl benzamide Wu song kou, Site C 1996 Core sediment, 1-13 cm depth
Dichlorobenzene Suzhou creek 1996 Core sediment, Depth 15-30 cm
2,6-diisopropyl naphthalene Bao shan, Site B 1995/96 Surface sediment
C. Human waste/Hormone related
Sterols indicated by sterenes Site C 1996 Core sediment
Suzhou creek 1998 Various depths
Sites B, C, and D 1995 Surface sediment