Table 3: Description of FTIR peaks.

Peak cm-1 Functional group/vibration mode
750 Aromatic protons
927 C-O-C vibration modes of α-1,4 glycosidic linkage
1040/1162 Carbonyl (C=O) group, C-O stretching alcohols (primary, secondary and tertiary), carboxylic acids, esters and ethers


C-O/C stretching in exo/endo-cyclic bonds and C-O-H/C deformation modes of oligo/polysaccharides and absorption bands for carbohydrates
1383/1456 The spectral bands for C-O-H stretching in pyranose and C-H deformation in esters
1621/1637 Aromatic C=C/C-OH stretching in exocyclic bond
2923 Glucoside ring due to the stretching vibration of O-H
3420 O-H, as also the H-bonded alcohols and phenols, carboxylic acid